Porcelain Crowns

At our restorative dental practices, we can repair your damaged tooth with a porcelain crown. A tooth that sustains serious trauma or has deep decay may need more than a tooth-colored filling. If that’s the case for your tooth, we will suggest restoring the tooth with a porcelain crown, which will fit snugly over the damaged area. Porcelain crowns reinforce the remaining tooth structure, improve stability, and preserve your smile’s health and beauty.

Porcelain crowns are a conservative approach to restorative dentistry. We can preserve tooth structure, which is important for jaw stability, and with porcelain crowns we can repair cracked, blemished, decayed, and severely impaired teeth. Do you have large cavities or do you have very damaged teeth?  Having a full set of proper, strong teeth helps your bite, keeps your oral health intact, and gives you back your confidence. You deserve to have smile that’s whole and healthy!

At Reflection Cosmetic Dentistry we invite you to enjoy optimal oral health and a fantastic smile by restoring your damaged teeth with porcelain crowns!

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