Snap On Smile

snap on smileWe believe that everyone should have access to complete cosmetic dentistry. For those who need an affordable option for completely changing their smiles, we offer Snap-On Smile. At our cosmetic dentistry office, we use Snap-On Smile as a temporary solution while we create your personalized treatment plan, giving you instant access to the new smile you want and making it easy for you to attend that next big event in comfort and with confidence.

Snap-On Smile, as the name implies, snaps on over your existing smile to change the look of your teeth. With Snap-On Smile, you can change the look of crooked teeth, chipped teeth, gaps, and even fill-in gaps in lieu of a dental bridge. A set of veneer-like teeth will be created just for you, and they fit over your teeth to snap into place. They’re completely removable, making this a more conservative option than porcelain veneers, but many patients like the fact that they can remove their Snap-On Smile when needed.

Snap-On Smile for Tooth Replacement

snap on teeth and tooth veneersYou can wear Snap-On Smile as a partial denture or removable bridge. It works much like a fixed bridge does — the replacement teeth will be held in place by teeth that fit right over remaining natural teeth. However, unlike a fixed bridge, we don’t have to prepare remaining teeth or bond the prosthetic in place. This gives you flexibility, and it makes it easier to replace the prosthetic when it wears out. Snap-On Smile is also a very affordable option for replacing a few missing teeth.

Snap-On Smile is a temporary solution that can work for patients of all ages. In just two short visits to our dental offices, you can have a fix for problems ranging from the minor to the complex. We’ll provide you with information about how to help your Snap-On Smile last longer, and the Snap-On Smile comes with a 12 month limited warranty from the manufacturer. Of course, we don’t generally recommend Snap-On Smile as a long-term solution; more permanent options like porcelain veneers may work best over time. However, if you would like an affordable, custom-made cosmetic dentistry option that’s conservative, contact us to learn more about Snap-On Smile.